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A Day in the Life of a Side by Side Kid

Wouldn't it be great to switch places with your fourth-grade self? Drop the deadlines and spreadsheets to travel back to swing-sets, school supplies, and silliness.

We haven't achieved time travel yet, but meet Devin, a fourth-grader at Webb Primary School. Each day, Devin wakes up at 6:30am, gets ready for school, and rides the bus to Webb. What's his first stop? The cafeteria for some breakfast.

Throughout the day, Devin attends class. He is a bright student with a passion for learning, and his favorite subject is math. "I love math because I like numbers and I'm good at it," he explained, while quickly solving a problem on his homework assignment. We asked him to name the coolest thing he learned today, and his eyes lit up. "Today we learned about decimals! We learned what they are and where to put them. I didn't even know there were numbers between 12 and 13."

During recess, Devin likes to play regular tag with his friends. "I don't like freeze tag," he emphasized to us. "You get tagged and then you get frozen and then you can't move and then there's no more fun!"

We definitely can't argue with that.

Every day after school, Devin meets up with his Afterschool Teacher and the other Side by Side Kids students at 2:45. (Okay, well not EVERY day because, as he was sure to clarify, he doesn't go to program on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays!) Once he gets settled in, he immediately starts working on homework. Sometimes, he needs help from his crew leader or volunteers, but usually, he's way ahead of the game and has everything already finished. Go, Devin!

Devin's favorite part of Side by Side Kids is Crew Time because he learns the verse of the week and discovers more about God's love for him (his words, not ours!) Besides that, Devin looks forward to - you guessed it - homework time.

At the end of the day, Devin's mom or dad comes to pick him up after work. Sometimes, they even bring along his two-year-old brother. After his long day, he gets ready for bed so he can do it all again. We are thankful Devin can join us!

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