A Retired Teacher's Perspective of SBSK

True or false: All Crew Leaders (afterschool teachers) at Side by Side Kids are college students.

False! Over the last several years, Crew Leaders have come from all kinds of backgrounds and life stages. For example, one of the Crew Leaders at T.A. Brown Elementary this fall is a retired teacher who's excited to use her teaching expertise and love for Jesus at SBSK. Meet Ms. Effie.

After 38 years of teaching, Ms. Effie was ready for something new. Last July, she began looking for a part-time after school teaching position. After Googling "after school teaching jobs", Ms. Effie was impressed when she saw Side by Side Kids was a faith-based program. As an experienced teacher and lover of God, she felt led to apply for the position. Additionally, Ms. Effie is active in her church and the local community. The Crew Leader position seemed like the perfect fit!

When asked how her experience at SBSK has been so far she replied, "I am excited to see what God is doing in the lives of the SBSK students this year! Right now we are learning that God loves us and has a good plan for us. We are all growing in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior."

That's what it's all about - being side by side with the students. We aim to learn and grow with them. Ms. Effie's story exemplifies one of our core values, "Empowerment". Empowerment says, "Let's do this together."

Thank you, Ms. Effie, for serving with us! Want to know more about how to empower SBSK students? Some of those ways include donating, volunteering, and of course - teaching!