And We're Back!

While winter break gave us a much needed period of rest and relaxation, we were eager for program to start up again so we could see our kids again and get back in the swing of things! A lot of stuff happened during the first week of program, and we want to get you caught up on all of the fun, silly and exciting things that are happening on and off campus at Side by Side Kids!

Here are some highlights:

Our curriculum question of the week was “Who is the Holy Spirit?"

  • For the first week back, our kids spent time focusing on the Holy Spirit. The verse of the week that they learned was Romans 8:14: "For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God!"

We learned some new dance moves!

  • The 4th and 5th grade boys at T.A. Brown showed us their dance moves, and even gave us an impromptu performance that included singing and dancing!

Students were excited to read their Bibles!

  • The 4th and 5th grade boys at Pickle were visited by Ms. Linda and Oscar the dog, their reading buddies. Ms. Brittney, Pickle’s Site Coordinator, provided two fun books for them to read that she thought would interest them, but instead, one of the boys pulled out his Storybook Bible and read Ms. Linda and Oscar something from Genesis! It was really inspiring to see his desire to read more of God’s Word.

We have new interns and volunteers helping out around in different roles!

  • From programming, to development, to social media, to on-campus assistance, we have interns and volunteers getting plugged-in to many different areas of our ministry!

We saw some Whole Brain Teaching techniques in action - and the kids were loving it!

  • Ms. Abby's class had a lot of fun creating hand motions during crew time to help them remember the Bible story they read! They really enjoyed being able to interact with the story through repetitive motion, and in doing so, they retained the main point even better than just hearing it!

Our kids stepped up as leaders for the younger students in the program!

  • Shoutout to Heidi at Webb! She was eager to serve the younger students by helping them understand the instructions for different stations during an indoor rec time!

Our classes wanted to create stronger bonds together!

  • Mr. AJ started playing soccer with his class at rec time this semester. Usually, kids will do their own thing during rec time, but he discovered that soccer is a game that all of his students want to play together as an entire class!

Our new Site Coordinator, Dania, started at T.A. Brown!

  • We didn’t see her stop smiling for a single second! We definitely weren't surprised that our kids fell in love with her so quickly.

We’re off to a strong start, and we can’t wait to see where this semester takes us! If you want to be a part of this journey, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for quick updates on all things Side by Side Kids!