Ariana's Story

Meet Ariana!

This adorable 6-year-old is a student at Webb Primary Elementary. Ariana has been in Side by Side Kids with her two siblings since Spring 2016. She has also joined us this summer for Mega Camp Fun at Austin Christian Fellowship Church, and for Thursdays at our Summer Club Fun! Overall, Ariana loves being a part of Side by Side Kids and has quickly grown in our core values, character and faith.

This summer we have watched her character develop by demonstrating generosity. "At Mega Camp Fun, Arianna was always offering to share her snacks with others! It was nice to see her be willing to give what she had to other students.", said Raquel, Site Coordinator at Webb Primary.

At Summer Club Fun last week, we investigated God's character through prayer and His word. When Michelle, Program Coordinator at Side by Side Kids, asked what she was discovering, Ariana said, “I have learned that God is our Father and He helps us do hard things.” Isn't that encouraging? We love hearing that our kids are discovering the heart of the Father! Please pray that God continues to help our kids grow in their character and faith.

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