As One Door Closes, Another One Opens

When we learned about T.A. Brown’s closure due to structural concerns, we were both relieved for our students safety, and sad to see the end of an era. T.A. Brown was our flagship school at Side by Side Kids and has been our partner for over a decade. We have countless memories that were made there. Even the mundane - walking the halls, playing on the playground, sitting in classrooms - seemed special as we thought of all the Side by Side Kids “firsts” that happened there.

Despite things coming to an end, we are excited to continue serving our students and their families at their new location.

T.A. Brown’s first through fifth-grade students are relocating to the former Allan Elementary School, and Side by Side Kids is gladly following in their footsteps.

We will greatly miss T.A. Brown, but at the end of the day, it’s just a building. St. John’s is a strong, resilient part of the city of Austin. We are confident our community will come together through this change. We believe that this transition is in the best interest of our students and their families. We have been, and we will continue to keep empowering them during this adjustment.

We’ll be going into new territory - there will be new walls surrounding us, a new roof over our head, and a new playground to run around - but it will be filled with the same kids who fill our hearts with so much joy, love, and light. It will be filled with the same kids who are not just our students, but our heroes.

While this might seem like the end of an era, it’s also the start of a new one. We believe there is a hope and a future for these T.A. Brown students.

*Parents, do you have questions or need any additional support from Side by Side Kids this week? Please call 512-371-9393 to speak with our Program Director, Kelsey Storm.

*Volunteers and partners, would you be willing to offer additional support tomorrow (11/9) at 7:30 A.M. to welcome students to their new school, Allan? Email piccola.dorsey@sidebysidekids.org to join!

*To provide additional financial support to our students, please donate here. Any donation will make a big difference in this transition!