Beating Summer Slide

Summers come with much anticipation and glee. Undoubtedly, students have been counting down the days since August until they can regain their freedom. Excitedly, kids talk about their plans - family trips, watching TV, or simply doing nothing at all. It is, for most students, the dream. What may not be the dream, however, is the toll that three months of unengaged learning takes on the their academic achievement.

“Summer Slide” sounds like it should be a fun playground activity, doesn't it? According to Colorado Department of Education, “Summer Slide is the tendency for students, especially those from low-income families, to lose some of the achievement gains they made during the previous school year.[1]" For our students, a lack of practice in math and reading, as well as a lack of resources such as books and worksheets, can mean that any progress students made in eight weeks of school is lost [2]. Additionally, Summer Slide is one of the biggest causes of the achievement gap (a gap which then contributes to the high school drop out rate) between lower and higher income youth[3].

At Side by Side Kids, our mission is to not only inspire and equip kids to be followers of Christ and make wise choices, but also to be excellent students. We are committed to helping our kids by supporting their academic growth at all times of the year. We believe there is real hope for kids who face the challenges of Summer Slide when they have the right support.

So what solutions are we offering our East Austin kids?

  1. We resource our kids with the right tools for good health and education through partnerships in the community. For example, we direct them to free meals from Austin ISD and various VBS' with our church partners.
  2. We host our kids once a week at Summer Club Fun. Not only is it a good time, but with the support of dedicated volunteers we help keep the focus of the program and discussions on Jesus. It's important to us that we not only resource our kids, but that we also help them grow in their relationships with Jesus!

Want to know how you can help? Please pray for all of our partners, parents, teachers and students. Additionally, come join us on Thursdays this summer!

For more information please email to help our kids beat Summer Slide!


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