Behind the Scenes: Crew Leader Training and Whole Brain Teaching

Even our Crew Leaders get to learn a thing or two every once in a while!

This week, our Crew Leaders participated in their pre-semester training, where they covered major topics like on-campus safety and supervision, classroom management, building a Gospel-centered community, teaching curriculum and a new teaching style - Whole Brain Teaching.

If you haven't heard of Whole Brain Teaching, here's the run down:

Whole Brain Teaching, simply put, is classic teaching practices combined into a new, more effective approach designed to increase student engagement. It combines direct instruction, sharing and immediate feedback into a new style of teaching that takes advantage of the way the brain is supposed to learn.

If you've been in a Side by Side Kids classroom recently, you might have seen some Whole Brain Teaching techniques. These include going over classroom rules before the lesson plan, and the "Class-Yes" attention getter in which the Crew Leader says "class" any way they like, with the students responding "yes" in the same way.

Equipping our Crew Leaders with Whole Brain Teaching methods this past semester allowed our Crew Leaders to feel more prepared in the classroom, and gave them a better grip on managing their students. Early Childhood Education Zone agrees that Whole Brain Teaching breaks up the monotony of the classroom, and helps "new or struggling teachers who are looking for a classroom management system that achieves order and gets every child involved."

At Side by Side Kids, our mission is to encourage hearts and inspire minds - a mission which is applicable for our Crew Leaders just as much as it is for our kids!