Best. Summer. Ever.

"I have seen kids at Club Fun find a safe place to just rest and do something fun with their time off this summer. I can see that they really enjoy this connecting point with SBSK, and I think that these kids will feel more connected to the program during the school year since they saw we were intentional with them during the summer.” -- Michelle Sanchez, Program Coordinator

Did you know that, even during the summer months, Side by Side Kids is hard at work? At SBSK, summer is about more than rest and relaxation. Summer is for science experiments, superhero missions, and so much silliness! Every Thursday this season, we hosted our kiddos at the For the City Center for an afternoon of Club Fun. Each day of Club Fun had a special theme and included a faith-based curriculum component that kept our students in the groove of growing closer to God and learning more about Him. We camped indoors, had a Lego Block Party, refined our cooking skills, and more!

The best thing about Club Fun was watching God move mightily each week in the course of just a few hours. Our Volunteer and Intern Coordinator, Piccola Dorsey, said “Every week the kids and volunteers started off more shy around each other and ended their time together as buddies. One week, as her parent was picking her up, one little girl made sure to hug her favorite volunteer before she left.” Without the help of our dedicated volunteers, none of this would have been possible. Volunteers, we praise the Lord for you every day!

This Thursday, in lieu of Club Fun, we’ll finish out the summer with our annual Backpack Giveaway. Thanks to our wonderful supporters at Austin Ridge Bible Church and the For the City Center, we will be able to bless each SBSK student with a brand new backpack full of school supplies. That’s almost 200 backpacks, y’all!

All in all, this was definitely the BEST. SUMMER. EVER. Club Fun is over, but the party continues. Will you join us on campus this semester and be part of what God is doing through Side by Side Kids?