From Fear to Family - My SBSK Internship

I began my search for a summer internship knowing I wanted to do something meaningful. I am incredibly passionate about quality education, AND I am about to begin a semester of student teaching, so Side by Side Kids was an obviously perfect fit. Everything I wanted for my summer quickly came within reach as I dove headfirst into a curriculum enhancement project.

Before my first day at Side by Side Kids, I was afraid I would not be much of an asset to the team. After all, I had only taken a few education classes and did not know anything about curriculum other than how to write a basic lesson plan! From the minute I walked into the SBSK Support Center on June 2nd, all those fears were put to rest. The entire Side by Side Kids team rallied behind me in support— physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Within days I truly felt part of the "family.” It was so clear they believed in me and valued me, not because of the work I could produce for them, but because I was their sister in Christ.

Over the summer, I have gotten to know each of the staff members personally and have been continually re-inspired to love others every day, just as they have so sweetly loved me (and God has so deeply loved all of us)! Not only have I been able to use my studies and talents to further the Kingdom by serving an underserved population, I, even more so, have been poured into endlessly by wonderful men and women of God.

Interning at Side by Side Kids has been so much more meaningful than I ever expected. If you're looking for an internship this fall, you should apply now with Side by Side Kids at volunteer@sidebysidekids.org!