Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is an exciting holiday here at SBSK. It’s an opportunity for us to celebrate one of God’s most important commands - to love one another!

Because of this, our curriculum this week centers around the question "how can we show love to others?"

Before they started their lesson, we interviewed some of our kids at Webb Primary about how they love others and how God loves them. Here are their sweet responses:

How does God show His love for you?

Aly: By saving and helping us. He’s always by our side.

How do you show love for others?

Alexis: I show my friends that I love them by being kind and treating them how I want to be treated.

What’s the silliest thing you’ve done to show someone you love them?

Denise: I gave my mom soda with cheese in it once when I was little. I thought she would like it because she liked Coke and cheese. She didn’t like them together, but she still tried it.

Who do you love?

Jose: My brother and my dog. Her name is Princess.

How do you show them you love them?

Jose: I can give him hugs. I play and run with him… and play with him again.

Are you talking about your brother or your dog?

Jose: Umm... both!

How does God show you He loves you?

Martha: He is with me every day. He comes with us. I always feel Him in my heart.

What have you learned about God’s love?

Fernando: God loves me and He loves my mom. His love is for anyone.

We loved their responses and we hope you did too! Want to hear more adorable quotes from SBSK students? Come spend some time with them by serving with us! #EvenAnHour makes a difference.