Learn the SBSK Lingo

What really is “Crew Time?” What happens during “Rec Time?” Where do our students' daily snacks/meals come from? We know it might be hard to keep up with the lingo or even grasp what takes place between the hours of 2:45 and 6 pm. Let's break it down.

“Crew Time” - Everyday, we encourage character development among our kids by learning about God and the gospel. During this structured time, our kids are able to hear the Word and apply it to their lives through discussion and activity. Our faithful “Crew Leaders” are paid, part-time teachers who prepare and oversee each class.

“Rec Time” - This component of our program promotes health and wellness through a variety of recreational activities. From team-building sports like soccer and football, to fun activities like hula hoop and four-square.

“Snack Time” - Since 50% of enrolled students at the schools we serve qualify for free or reduced meals, Austin Independent School District has granted us access to the afterschool snacks we serve our students. For our students, there is a large gap between the time they eat lunch and dinner. We provide a free, healthy meal to sustain our students.

“Homework Time” - We inspire academic excellence through tutoring and homework help with the assistance of our wonderful Crew Leaders and volunteers. Additionally, if students finish homework early, we provide donated books for them to read.

Congratulations! You’ve made it through our SBSK lingo. We hope that by now you feel confident to put your newfound skills to the test. Register now as a volunteer!