Meet Our Interns!

This summer, we have been blessed to work with three AMAZING interns! Meet Maddie, Olivia, and Katharine. Continue reading to learn more about them!

Give us some background information!

Maddie: I go to University of Texas at Austin, and I’m majoring in Communication Pathology.

Olivia: I go to Ole Miss, and my major is Marketing.

Katharine: I also go to University of Texas at Austin, and I’m majoring in Mathematics.

What drew you to our internship program?

M: I was initially drawn to Side by Side Kids because it was a faith-based program. I’ve been wanting an opportunity to learn and grow professionally, but was excited that I could also grow with my relationship with the Lord. I was also very interested in serving kids.

O: I really liked that this was a faith-based internship!

K: I was drawn to Side by Side Kids because of how their mission statement included empowering kids in education, but also in their relationship to God.

So, what do you do at SBSK?

M: I’ve helped facilitate the Summer Scholars program by empowering volunteers and by reading daily devotionals. I’ve also been a part of Summer Scholars Mini Camp and Summer Club Fun, I’m actually working on my own curriculum for Club Fun! I also handle paperwork such as enrollment and attendance.

O: I am in charge of our Instagram and Facebook accounts. I also take pictures of our events!

K: I run data analytics on our social media as well as write the blog posts, newsletters, and email updates.

How have you grown professionally and spiritually through this internship?

M: Professionally, I’ve learned how to be flexible (because things can change up on you), and I’ve also learned how to be more patient. Spiritually, I feel that God has placed me here for a purpose. Doing this internship made me realize wherever I’m placed, I can be serving Him. This has given me an opportunity to be a light and to be able to learn and grow along with the kids.

O: I’ve learned about data analytics, and spiritually, I’ve been able to see firsthand how God is doing good in the Austin community.

K: I’ve learned how to be more creative in my projects and confident in my abilities, and I’ve learned to place more trust in God that everything will work out.

Tell us about your most cherished memory from working with SBSK.

M: Right before Summer Scholars, there would be Disney music playing when the kids arrived. There was this little girl that knew every single Disney song and had watched every Disney movie. I would ask her what song was playing, and she would run up to the speaker and run back to tell me, and we did that every single day!

O: One of my favorite memories was intern orientation; we got some time to get to know each other!

K: There was this one time when I sat with a group of kids while waiting for other Summer Scholars to arrive, and we just chatted about our favorite hobbies and cartoons. It was fun connecting with the kids!

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