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Meet the Team: Devin Miranda

We want to introduce you to the incredible women that make up our SBSK team. Our Site Coordinators are the heart behind what we do and we wouldn’t be able to encourage hearts and inspire minds without them leading the way.

This week, we’re introducing you to Devin Miranda, our Site Coordinator at Oak Hill Elementary! Take it away, Devin!

Before working at SBSK, I worked as a legislative aide for the 2017 Legislative Session for Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. After graduating from Texas A&M with a political science degree, this is the road I foresaw myself going down, but as my time in session came to a close, I felt at a crossroads because I felt God pulling me towards a different path than I had planned for myself.

After much deliberation and talks with God, I knew he wanted me somewhere else and I felt the non-profit realm the place to be for me. I trusted that God would place me where I needed to be, and then along came SBSK. From the moment I pressed send on my application, everything -from the hiring, finding a place to live, and the other things that come up in starting a new job - was smooth sailing because of God’s providing hands. It was such an affirmation that God had this road paved for me, and all I needed to do was choose to follow it.

My favorite part about SBSK is the fact that it is God-centered, and our mission, our vision, our decisions all stem from a place of prayer and trust in God, much like life should be. It’s helped me grow as a daughter of Christ, and God has been so faithful in equipping me and growing me, to better serve in my position, which I am so thankful for.

God calls us to live in community. Side By Side is a community of faith, from its staff to its school teams, and right down to the children. And so, being able to foster such an important aspect of hope God calls us to live for our children is such a special honor, and truly makes SBSK so unique.

These are such formative years for my students, and just because they are young doesn’t mean they haven’t been through hurt, or that they don’t have questions or feel lonely. To me, SBSK is a comforting place and community that they can rely on because we show and teach Christ-like love - we show them that there is a creator who loves them without borders and who is their comforter.

My favorite thing is the community of unlikely friends in SBSK. Oak Hill has a myriad of socioeconomic demographics, and my kids' discussions and time spent together is opening their eyes to different perspectives and walks of life. By teaching them to love, respect, and be kind to one another, I have begun to see these wonderful friendships blossom in and outside of SBSK.

Knowing that I get to wake up and be hands and feet for God and be such an instrumental part in planting seeds of faith and the word of God in children’s lives is so rewarding to me. I love it and I love SBSK and its mission!

Will you join Devin in serving our Side by Side Kids students with a Back to School donation today? We count on contributions like yours to continue running a high quality program and stay consistent in the lives of our kids. By giving to this ministry, you are making an eternal impact.