More Than a Backpack

Have you heard about the annual Side by Side Kids Backpack Distribution? It’s TODAY! Get the inside scoop from our Afterschool Program Manager, Michelle Sanchez!

Tell us about the Backpack Distribution!

MS: The Backpack Distribution is an annual event sponsored by Austin Ridge Bible Church (ARBC). At the beginning of every school year, we have the privilege of providing all Side by Side Kids students with backpacks STUFFED with school supplies! The Backpack Distribution takes the burden of back-to-school shopping off of SBSK parents, and it equips our kids with the tools they need for a successful school year.

What was the inspiration behind this event?

MS: There is tremendous need for support in our community - both material and spiritual. Through the Backpack Distribution, we are able to meet a material need for many of our families (thanks to ARBC!), but we are also able to show them Christ’s unconditional, unending love in the process. It’s about so much more than a backpack!

How is the “behind the scenes” process of the Backpack Distribution going?

MS: It’s been full of blessings! We’ve been given an abundance of backpacks and supplies, and today we will be able to bless so many of our kids (and maybe even some siblings)!

Do you have any favorite memories from this event?

MS: It’s hard for me to choose a single memory, but what warms my heart most is remembering how all of our families have voiced their thankfulness. Parents have told us they would not be able to do this without Side by Side Kids, which has made everything so worth it.

What does the future of Backpack Distribution look like?

MS: I would love to see this event turn into some sort of “back-to-school market,” with a store layout so that families would be able to pick and choose their supplies. By doing this, we could give parents a little bit more ownership in the process of providing for their kids. We could also empower families to give back in some way!

Thank you SO much to our friends at Austin Ridge Bible Church for making this event a reality! Be sure to check our Instagram and Facebook for pictures next week!