My First Semester as a Site Coordinator

Being the Site Coordinator at T.A. Brown Elementary the last 6-months has been Ia lot of fun! It’s fun being able to get to know the kids and watching them grow. It’s fun working with like-minded people who bring Jesus into the lives of others. A union of good, helping and service. You can tell everyone who serves with SBSK is really interested in what they are doing and why they do. It’s the first time I’ve worked somewhere where we have the common goal of serving.

I have seen God at work at SBSK everywhere… that’s what’s so nice about it! God is ingrained in our mission, vision, values and most importantly the people. Which is why community has been so huge for me since I started working at SBSK.

I've specifically seen God at work in one student, Younis. He is a second-grader at my campus. He has the biggest eyes and he’s always so happy. I see God in his joy and he reflects so much of Jesus to me. That, for me, is the most rewarding part of my job. Seeing Crew Leaders tell him about Jesus, and then getting to interact with him and see that reflected. That is the most beautiful thing!

My hope and prayer for my future with SBSK is to continue on the life-journey of sharing God’s love and goodness with the kids while educating them and their families.