SBSK Goes to Summer Camp

We’re so thankful for our partners at Still Water Camp, who provided three of our students with the opportunity to spend four days, fully-funded at their Christian sports camp in Blanco, TX.

The four days of summer camp provided our students with a chance to explore outside the city and their own comfort zone. The camp offers physical outlets through volleyball, soccer, and other field sports, but also teaches lessons on leadership and the gospel.

Our Program Director, Michelle, was happy to hear that the kids had such positive experiences that they were eager to share when they returned to Austin. “They expressed so much gratitude for the chance to go and were very enthusiastic when they were asked about it”.


The kids had their fair share of building up their endurance through the various games and adventure activities and were able to take away from the deeper side of the camp through worship and gospel lessons. When asked about his time at Still Water, one of our students told Michelle how he had learned all about the gospel and what Jesus did for us. “It was awesome to hear that although he enjoyed the sports aspect, the first thing he shared when asked about his time was something he learned about Christ”, Michelle said. After hearing such positive feedback from our kids, we’re hoping next summer even more will be able to attend.

Thank you to our generous donors and partners who provide SBSK students with unique experiences such as this one. Our kids were impacted in more ways than one.