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Stuff Kids Say

The first week back on campus means the first week back with our kiddos! We missed so many things about our SBSK kids, but most of all we missed the way they brighten our day with the sweet, hilarious and downright CUTE things that they say!

On our Afterschool Teachers:

“Ms. Emma’s face looks like a beautiful statue. It’s perfect.”

On her unique name:

“Whoa. You are the first people to say my name right!!!”

On “following directions quickly” and “keeping your dear teacher happy”:

“Guess I’ll need to go home and study Rule 1 and Rule 5!”

On our snacks:

“It freaks me out when we all have matching milks."

On crafting during Crew Time:

Crew Leader: “What’s your favorite word on the togetherness necklace?”

Student: “Loving, because I love my mom… but also because the red color is my favorite…”

On... Sharks?:

"Some sharks are not very nice."

Our kids aren’t the only ones sharing their sweet thoughts. Piccola, our Volunteer and Intern Manager raved about our new Afterschool Teachers! “We have a great group of teachers this year. I loved seeing them step into their classes and own it.”

We’re pumped to hear more of the crazy things our kids say throughout the year, and we hope you are, too! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on our students and all things SBSK!