Summer Club Fun

With the end of July comes the end of SBSK’s Summer Club Fun! For the past two months on Thursday afternoons, we have opened our doors to kids in the Austin community and explored the characteristics of God. Here are some of the highlights from each week!

During our Art Party, the kids got to indulge in their artistic side through painting, songwriting, and jewelry-making. It was so fun to see our students understand that God is creative, and that He made them to be creative, too!

For our Adventure Quest, the kids explored all the ways that God is exciting! They told their life stories by making their own comic books, played the board game Life, and wrote some silly stories using Mad Libs!

On Dream Day, we challenged our kids to dream big for their futures. They designed their own architecture using construction paper and Legos, learned about the story of Esther and her journey to become queen, and created their own musical instruments! All of the stations pointed back to the idea that God is faithful, even through all of the twists, turns, and challenges that life may bring.

For the Friendship Fiesta, our kids learned how to nurture their precious friendships. They played charades, wrote encouraging notes, and learned the story of two good friends, Aaron and Moses. Students learned that, because God is kind to us, we should be kind to others!

Today, special guests from Fellowship of Christian Athletes are hosting Power Camp, where our kids will learn that God is strong and that He unites us with other believers to spread the Good News!

Next week, our final Club Fun will be Mission: Serve. Our kids will explore the idea that God is everywhere and He calls us to serve Him everywhere. We will brainstorm ways to serve our community, we’ll pray for our city, and we’ll make crafts to bless our families.

Summer Club Fun would not have been possible without the help of amazing volunteers. Special thanks to National Charity League, Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Young Men’s Service League - Four Points for supporting our students year-round!

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