Summer Scholars Update: Week 3 and 4

We can’t believe that Summer Scholars is OVER! Time truly does fly when you’re having this much fun! Here’s the scoop on the second half of our flagship Summer Scholars program:

Week 3 of Summer Scholars was Math & Technology Week. Our scholars developed their use of binary operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), applied their math skills to real-life situations, and also learned the basics of coding! The kids enjoyed competing in a mathematical game of “Trashketball,” calculating probabilities while playing Twister, and writing an algorithm to make pizza (and then eating the pizza, of course!).

The focus of Week 4 was Science & Social Studies. We delved into the fields of biology, geography, and chemistry. Our scholars learned about dolphins, practiced their Cardinal directions, and even made their own ice cream!

The entire month of Summer Scholars has set an amazing precedent for future SBSK summer programming. Our scholars and our volunteers have had so many opportunities to learn and grow together as the weeks flew by. By God’s grace, and with the help of our sponsors and volunteers, this program has been so joy-filled, so fun, and so transformative, and we cannot thank you all enough!

Want to know what our scholars thought about the first-ever Summer Scholars program? Check the blog next week for an exclusive interview!