The Perfect Mix - My SBSK Internship

I’ve heard it said that it’s not about the destination, but it’s about the journey. So, how did a girl from the Midwestern state of Michigan end up in the southern heat of Texas? At Side by Side Kids? I would have to say it’s probably equal parts timing, opportunity, and God. Let’s take a walk down memory lane!


At the end of June, I was already on the hunt for a new opportunity that would be more fitting for my love for urban ministry and interest in photography and design. Come June 21st…


My friend Lisa, who had just begun her Executive Assistant position at SBSK a few weeks prior, casually mentioned that they needed a marketing intern over gchat. To her surprise, I excitedly told her I was interested. In many ways, it felt like an answered prayer! SBSK’s mission to serve kids in Austin in a faith-based, purposeful way fit so well with what I was searching for. In a whirlwind of two weeks, I had interviewed, got the internship, and drove my SUV full of luggage and a heart full of hopes down to Austin to begin my social media and marketing internship.


And what felt like a quick decision, also revealed so much of God’s provision! During my internship at Side by Side Kids, I have been able to work with the most supportive and hilarious staff. They very much wanted me to succeed and equipped me to do so - not only at work but also spiritually and mentally. They helped build up my confidence in my skills and taught me to dream for bigger things with God. God used the timing and opportunity to teach me more about how a few people can make a huge impact in kids’ lives, even in a big city like Austin.

So, yes, I admit that I am still smitten with the mitten (it’s a Michigan thing), but interning with Side by Side Kids has been such a refreshing and warm experience that I would not have traded for anything else!

If you’re looking for an internship to grow both professionally and spiritually, look no further! Apply now to fill my role as the Social Media and Marketing Intern. Or, apply now to become a Program Intern.