Trusting God With #EvenAnHour

Since my first day at Side by Side Kids, the kids have absolutely captured my heart. I can see God so clearly through their bright faces and am grateful to Him for providing me with the opportunity I have to know all of these kids.

I'm very active, and run cross country and play soccer for my school, Regent’s. I found out about Side by Side Kids from Regent’s Service Council, and I got involved during cross country season. My schedule worked perfectly, and I was able to practice in the mornings on Wednesdays and Thursdays and volunteered with Side by Side Kids in the afternoons.

I didn’t think about what would happen when soccer season started.

Cross country ended and off-season began. I asked my soccer coach if I could continue to go weekly to Side by Side Kids, to which she said I could go once a month until the soccer season started. A week later, I asked again, this time to both of the soccer coaches, and received the same answer. I kept asking, but the Thursday before soccer started, I knew I had to make a choice. Although I was still completely torn, I came to Side by Side Kids that day prepared to say goodbye to the kids for a few months until the end of the season.

When I arrived, the kids all rushed towards me, drawing me into their world. Midway through a board game, one of the boys stopped laughing and looking up at me with big eyes. He made me promise I would come back next year when he was in third grade.

I couldn't say no to that. I also knew that it would be entirely unfair to them to just leave them for soccer.

Although it seemed futile, I went to my coaches the next day and asked again.They laughed at me, probably very exasperated, and said they would talk to me the next week. I went home and talked to my father and decided that if their answer remained the same, then I would simply choose Side by Side Kids.

Of course, it couldn’t be that easy. Or could it?

When it seemed like I was about to be torn between my two options once again, my coach told me I could do both. I was ecstatic, even though she told me that it would relegate me to the JV team.

God works in crazy ways, though! Due to the shortage of players, I started on varsity for the first two weeks even with my commitment to Side by Side Kids. A couple of weeks later, they finalized my position on varsity. We'll see where God takes it from here with soccer and of course, with Side by Side Kids!

Clara Grace, we are blessed to have you volunteer with us! It encourages us to see the ways you trusted God in this decision-making process, and that you remained faithful to the heart of service. Your choice to give #EvenAnHour of your time to serve SBSK students is making a difference!

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