Why I'm a Crew Leader and Why You Should Be Too

Through selfless instruction, Crew Leaders empower SBSK students with the tools, skills, and spiritual guidance needed to excel as faith-fueled leaders. Hear from Chandler, current Crew Leader and Corporate Communications major at the University of Texas at Austin, on her experience serving at Side by Side Kids.

Chandler's Story:

“In the midst of a busy semester packed with exams, term papers and determining summer plans, I would like to share a highlight of my semester. Throughout the spring semester I had the opportunity to serve the Austin community, grow in my faith and spend my afternoons with young students. I applied to become a Crew Leader for Side by Side Kids because I knew that I wanted to be a part of an organization that worked to improve the Austin community through the Christian faith. Side by Side Kids seemed like the perfect fit. Although it was sometimes difficult to work during a hectic school semester, each afternoon I worked as Crew Leader for Side by Side Kids greatly improved my week. As a Crew Leader for ten kindergarten and first graders, there was a never dull moment in my classroom.

One of my favorite memories was when each of my students created a heartfelt thank you note for our classroom janitors. Another moment I loved was when I told one of my students that I appreciated his helpfulness, and he responded by saying that he appreciated me. Throughout the semester, I found joy in both teaching my students and learning from them. Because my role as a Crew Leader gave me the opportunity to step away from my busy life as a college student while positively affecting the lives of young students, I would recommend this job to any collegiate. It has been a joy to serve Austin as a Crew Leader this semester, and I am very excited to continue my involvement with Side by Side Kids in the fall!”

We are extremely grateful for Crew Leaders like Chandler; leaders who come in every day ready to inspire our kids while helping to mold their character with Christ as our example. Would you consider saying yes to at least one semester of leading our kids through academics, spiritual guidance, and a willingness to serve them as Crew Leader? Find out more on Our Jobs page!