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Gifts that keep on giving

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Choose a gift in honor of your friend or loved one, and we’ll provide you with a beautiful card to share.

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Send a card

Send a card to your friend with a personal message, and they’ll see the difference their gift is making.

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Provide hope

Your gift will provide hope and empowerment to kids in Austin.

Gift Catalog



Buys 2 Jesus Storybook Bibles.



Sends 1 child to SBSK Summer Club, a 3-week day camp with sports, music, and academic activities.

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Sends 1 child to Still Water Camp, a 1 week, overnight, Christ-centered, sports camp.



Provides enrichment programs for 1 month, funding music teachers, art teachers, sports programs, and more.



Funds a SBSK classroom for 1 month for Afterschool Teachers, supplies, and more.

Our commitment to you

    Your donation will go directly toward the gift category you select. If the amount raised exceeds our needs for any specific gift category, surplus funds will be directed to SBSK's most urgent needs. The gifts in this catalog represent SBSK's projects at the time of writing, and the costs are based on average expenses across the organization.