Bill Daniel

Love More Kids Committee | CEO, All Web Leads

Bill began serving on the Board in June 2008. Currently, Bill serves as Chairman of the Love More Kids Campaign Committee.

Bill and his wife, Laurel, have lived in Austin since 1999 after 18 years in the San Francisco area. They have two children, spouses, and two grandsons live in New York City and Italy. Bill and Laurel are members of Lake Hills Church.

Bill Daniel is currently the CEO of All Web Leads (AWL.) AWL is one of the most successful customer acquisition marketing companies in the US. AWL uses online marketing to turn consumer interest in insurance products into policy sales for the world’s largest insurance carriers and more than 30,000 of their agents. From a 2-person startup in 2005 to over 600 employees in 2015, AWL remains a tight-knit team with a fast paced, energetic, and entrepreneurial company culture ranked #20 by Glassdoor in their 2015 Best Places to Work in the U.S.