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Anna Khayyat

Afterschool Program Coordinator – T.A. Brown

Anna was raised in the tip of Texas; Brownsville, Texas. After graduating high school, she moved to San Marcos, Texas to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology. After working in New Orleans for RELAY graduate school and teaching E.L.A. (English Language Arts) to art and self-exploration classes, she found her passion for working with children in Title l schools. During her time at Texas State, she researched for a variety of studies, studied Arabic, and participated in many river cleanups! After graduating from Texas State, she was blessed with the opportunity to join Side by Side Kids. This allows her to continue working towards her passion in sharing the love of God with children in their most developmental years.

Outside of work Anna enjoys traveling, cooking, making art, dancing, and drinking all the coffee she possibly can!